In the video Business Development Director Henrik Daugbjerg-Pedersen explains how DIAP works.

Using DIAP you can transform real-time data to improved productivity. The hardware can collect data from your entire production. You access the collected data in a user-specific interface using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

DIAP gives you easy access to production data making it possible for management and employees to take measures of improvements.

The video is in Danish with English and Danish subtitles.

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6. Jul. 2018

DIAP setup guide

Video introduction to getting started using your DIAP

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3. Jul. 2018

4 steps on how to implement Industry 4.0

Digitalization is all around us. Realtime data analysis, digitalized monitoring and machine learning are only a few of the technologies being introduced under the concept of Industry 4.0.

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2. Jul. 2018

What is DIAP about?

Watch the video presentation of DIAP get to know how DIAP can improve your productivity and enhance your competitiveness.

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