IT and data security

Your data contains information that is sensitive to your business. You have full authority over all data generated by DIAP at your production site. Your data is yours and will stay yours.

End-to-end data security

Multi-level information security

DIAP is equipped with multi-level information security to ensure that the collected data is protected in the best possible way.


Highest security standards available

We have secured every element of the DIAP data flow with the highest security standards available for an end-to-end security.


Restricted user privileges

The system has restricted user privileges. Users are grouped as full access administrators or restricted access operators. Each user has a unique password.

Secure the future of your production

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Fighting risks proactively

Industry 4.0 paves the way for interconnectedness at a previously unseen level. This lets you gain insight into your manufacturing processes, but it also makes the risk of cyber-attacks more imminent than ever. Eltronic believes in a proactive approach to fighting the latest security threats. You will frequently receive system updates to ensure that your DIAP infrastructure meets the highest security requirements.

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Henrik Daugbjerg-Pedersen

Business Development Director