DIAP gateway and application

One complete solution

DIAP is an industrial IoT platform designed to fit all kinds of production environments. The solution includes all you need to get your industry 4.0 process started.

The DIAP gateway collects data from up to five PLCs, industrial sensors and industrial robots. The data is securely stored in the cloud or locally. You can access, monitor and analyze the collected data in real-time using the DIAP web client. The DIAP application lets you receive critical alarm notifications.

The start package is upgradable in the number of gateways and software functionalities so ensure a solution fitting the needs of your production.


The DIAP start package includes:

 1 DIAP gateway

 Access to web client and application

 The first years licence to the basic descriptive functionalities

4 competitive advantages


Reduce system downtime


Reduce problems and failures with alarm notifications and remote access



Live machine data


Continuously improve processes thanks to real-time and historical data



System update and upgrade


The license-based software updates regularly and can be upgraded with additional functionalities



A complete solution


Gateway, secure cloud storage and analytics software in one unique solution


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