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DIAP combines simplicity with scalability. The license-based platform always matches your current stage of digital transformation. This means that you only pay for what you need. DIAP is a future-proof solution. New functionalities keep emerging as the need for them arises. Right now, you can order the basic functionalities and OEE. Soon, you will be able to order digital LEAN, predictive maintenance and machine learning.

DIAP web client

Basic: Live data & historical reporting

Get started tracking the performance of systems, machines and equipment using DIAP’s basic functionalities. You can make fact-based decisions in real-time that greatly affect the efficiency of your production. The basic functionalities are:

Real-time monitoring of machine performance
 Critical alarm notifications
Analysis of historical data

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Add on: Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Measure and visualize plant performance with the DIAP OEE extension. The real-time OEE functionality makes it possible to perform corrective actions quickly and efficiently. The historical data lets you determine areas of long-term improvement. The Overall Equipment Effectiveness tools are:

 Production status with OEE and downtime
Stop duration and stop causes
Historical and daily reporting


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