Access and analyze your production data

DIAP web client

The DIAP web client is a tool for managing machines and improving production processes. You can set up several dashboards for user-specific interfaces. The modular design makes the web client easy to use and you can find several options for analyzing and visualizing real-time and historical data from PLCs, sensors and industrial robots.

DIAP web client

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Create user-specific dashboards


Production Rate | Quality | OEE | Energy Usage | Incident Rate



Historical reporting | Real-time Status | OEE | Process Capacity



Planned and Unplanned Stops | Uptime and Downtime | Alarm Notifications

DIAP mobile application

Machine status and alarms on the go

DIAP Application

The DIAP smartphone application provides technicians and operators with an easy overview of the current machine status. By using the app, operators and technicians will receive an alarm notification as soon as a machine reaches a defined limit. You can set up different types of alarms in the DIAP web client. 

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